Additional Services

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Additional Services


  • Freight management and status reporting.

Import/Export Services

  • Breakbulk/devan agent for shippers, consignees
  • Container drayage
  • Documentation coordination
  • Customs clearance assistance
  • Drayage and transloading services
  • Door delivery services
  • Cargo insurance


  • All sizes & any dimensions


  • Consolidation, storage & distribution is available globally through our delivery agents and partners at each destination point

Rail Freight

Over the years, we have established quality partnerships with a wide range of rail carriers. Because of these relationships and our volumes, HFC has been able to provide a high level of quality service at a comparably low rate. We can arrange service to or from anywhere in the world. Our goal is simple: Worry free, cost effective service based on a single telephone call to HFC.

  • Trailer on Flat Car (TOFC)